Benoit Tremblay, Kite Rider and Designer

About Benoit Tremblay,

Designer and Owner of Concept Air

While riding his first Harley with the wind in his face, Benoit Tremblay decided to cross the Atlantic in a sailboat. And that crossing  from Quebec to Saint-Malo a once and for all confirmed his love for the wind and all wind-driven sports. Later, he would become a paragliding instructor and hang gliding enthusiast. He worked as a guide for 10 seasons in the French Alps, after which he started his own business designing power kites at a time when the sport was all but unknown! Rider, athlete, designer � Benoit Tremblay as boundless energy pushes him to design and produce the most innovative, high-performance, and cutting-edge kites on the market year after year.

Of course, his greatest pleasure comes from going out with his customers to share his everyday passion with them!
Wind! Snow, surf, more wind! Always the wind!


At Concept Air, creating traction kites is first and foremost our passion.

After discovering his love of the wind, Benoit Tremblay learned that he could create great kites by following his gut instincts. In the years since, his kites have made a name for themselves around the world.

After discovering his love of the wind, Benoit Tremblay learned that he could create great kites by following his gut instincts. In the years since, his kites have made a name for themselves around the world.
This area is the favourite playground of the design team and test riders, where they work together to develop kites for use on water or snow.

Vive le vent!
(Long live the wind!)

Our Mission

Love of the wind and a continual pursuit of excellence are the driving forces behind the Concept Air team. We offer innovative, safe, and high-performance kites at a competitive price for all levels, from entry level to competition kites. Our management is dedicated to promoting traction kiting by supporting regular recreational events and competitions. Our products are designed and crafted in Quebec by some of the most qualified people in the industry.

Our story, 30 years in the making�

1982 Benoit Tremblay buys his first 23-foot sailboat.
1988 Atlantic crossing from Quebec to Saint-Malo. Benoit begins his wind adventure with his three colleagues on the CéPAL.

At 31, Benoit quits his job at Bois Saglac and starts Phoenix Sport, a paragliding school at Saguenay.
1988-1998 10 yearly trips to Europe for 2 months each, during which Benoit turn around paragliding workshops. He perfects his mastery of the sport as well.
1989 Benoit Tremblay and Michel Montminy go in 50-50 and set up Atelier de la glisse, a paragliding school. The company begins importing paragliding materials. The office is located at 222, rue Saguenay, Saint-Fulgence.

A sail loft is purchased. Benoit and Michel as company begins offering repair services for boat sails, windsurfing boards, and paragliders.
1990 Financially, the company is in dire straits. Michel takes a job as a restaurant manager for the winter.

Benoit designs his first single-line and two-line kites: the Arrow series. Benoit sells the designs to pay the grocery bills and keeps on working at the workshop.
1991 Benoit designs a two-line kite called the Papou, which is the first kite the Atelier de la glisse produces in large numbers and sells on the market. Kite skiing is born. In 1991, kite skiers travelled between 25 and 30 km/h. Nowadays, they move at speeds greater than 100 km/h.

The company begins diversifying its activities, such as making and renting inflatable advertisements for businesses which will continue for the next 4 or 5 years.
1992 Benoit designs the first four-line kites, the Traction series, which Atelier de la glisse sells on the market.

Benoit and Michel pioneer winter traction kiting and develop the market for the sport.
1993 The name Concept Air gradually replaces Atelier de la glisse!
1996 Concept Air purchases and moves into a building at 201 boulevard Tadoussac, in Canton Tremblay.
1997 Paragliding school activities come to an end.

Benoit and Michel come in first place at the World Ice Yachting Championship in Ontario. They will go on to win several other championship competitions using Concept Air products.
2000 After creating the revolutionary New-Wave  a kite capable of floating and catching wind again on the water  Concept Air goes international and begins selling its products in 23 different countries (with 14 employees). At this point, however, Benoit and Michel decide that the company is as big as they want it to get.
2003 Concept Air starts distributing inflatable water kites.

A variable geometry system is adapted for kites; The Smart series is created. Business picks up, but the duos vision for the future of the company begins to dovetail. Benoit announces the end of their partnership.

Benoit and Michel go their separate ways. Michel will continue selling kites a not designed by Benoit  and will start his own company, Kites Broker. Benoit keeps the name Concept Air, and continues designing, producing, and selling traction kites. He also repairs and maintains all sorts of sails and sells some other items. 

Concept Air moves back to its original location, 222, rue Saguenay, in Saint-Fulgence.

2008-2010 Concept Air is growing and moving into other markets.