Concept Air is well known as the only snowkiting traction kite maker in Canada, offering you a very large range of kite products.

All our kites are designed, manufactured and tested here in Saguenay, Quebec, 500 km north of Montreal. People that have had the opportunity to kite our play area, have called it a kiters paradise. Our kites are a 100% designed for kitesnow, kite skiing, buggying and mountainboarding and they have proved themselves many times over being one of the best kites out there.

Since 1991, Concept Air has won more world Ice and snow championship than any other brand in the world over.

Not only we are a well established manufacturer but we also import to Canada (and distribute) several prestigious and well known brands likeWaiman kitesurfing, JDC windmeter,Peter Lynnbuggies

If you are looking for a high performance and durable traction kite for snowkiting, boards for kitesurfing, buggies, mountain boards, look no further. Concept air is a one stop shopping experience you will enjoy. We also have all the accessories you need to keep your kites in the air such as new single or dual replacement lines, wind meters, or kites for your kids to have fun. We have a great stock on all products we advertise.

As well, our in house repair shop can take care of all of your major to minor repairs for you. Our professional repair team is ready to assist you get flying again.

Welcome to our magical world!

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